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Meet Our Owners

Chet and Matt are the two brothers who have been serving the area’s most delicious pizzas for decades. Their restaurant has been open for over 20 years. Before that, the brothers were involved in another popular pizza establishment in the area.

With the brother’s extensive experience in pizza making, the staff includes members who have a combined experience of over 100 years in pizza making and restaurant work.

Not Your Usual Atmosphere

Chet and Matt's home was built from the ground up, just as our pizzas are. Before you even park the car, you know you're not pulling into the same old cookie-cutter chain restaurant.

The full-size goal post in our lot is a real kick; the authentic, working high-school scoreboard is a jaw dropper. Once inside our spacious dining area, you will be witness to one of the most spectacular high-school sports collections anywhere.

There are numerous murals painted on the walls featuring famous characters, family members, area sports standouts, current and former employees and all-around favorites of Chet and Matt.

Chet and Matt's Pizza is independently owned and operated, and we truly care about every customer who comes smiling through our double doors.

Room and Rooms for Everyone

* Seating for 260
* Three dining areas, including a banquet room
* Bar and lounge for grown-ups
* Video games for both children and adults