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The King Kong Pizza Challenge

Chet & Matt’s Pizza is famous for our large party pizza; a 29-inch round pizza called the “King Kong”. The “King Kong” pizza is available for dine-in, carry out, as well as delivery. This pizza should be ordered well in advance because of the time it takes to prepare and the fact that it takes up an entire oven. If you would like to order the King Kong Pizza, call Chet & Matt’s Pizza today at 419-626-6000 to order this pizza in advance. 

The Rules:

* Consume a 29-inch pizza with two toppings in 30 minutes

* Only two people are allowed to participate in the challenge

* You cannot leave the restaurant

Previous King Kong Challenge Winners

Chet & Matt’s Pizza has seen 11 total victors demolish the King Kong Challenge Pizza. Our most recent record took place on July 21, 2017 and is an outstanding 11 minutes and 12 seconds by professional eaters Derek Jacobs and Ivan “The Avocado” Mendoza! See if you can beat their record today! Call Chet & Matt’s Pizza at 419-626-6000 to have us prepare your King Kong Challenge Pizza!