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Due to the COVID Pandemic, we are not accepting banquet room reservations at this time through February 2021

Chet and Matt’s Pizza has a banquet and game room that we invite you to rent out to celebrate your special occasion or family event. Our team will do everything we can to ensure that your event is enjoyable by everyone. Whether you want to host a birthday party, sports team event, family get-together, wedding rehearsal dinner, bridal shower, baby shower, business meeting, or Christmas party, Chet and Matt’s Pizza can accommodate your group.

Banquet Room

There is a 3-hour time limit for events held in the Banquet Room. A refund of $25 will be returned if Chet & Matt’s determines there has not been any property damage. The maximum occupancy is 56 for the Banquet room.

Deposit Specifications

There is a $75 deposit to reserve the Banquet Room for your event. Failure to submit the deposit two weeks before your requested date allows Chet & Matt’s to book the banquet room for another occasion. A $25 refund is available but will be subject to the determination of any possible property damage.

Game Room

If you have an overflow of guests, they are allowed to be seated in our Game Room, and your guests may use the video games. There will be a 2-hour limit on the events hosted in Chet and Matt’s Pizza Game Room. If there is any property damage from a Game Room party, a cleaning fee of $25 will be added to your bill. The maximum occupancy for the game room is 25 guests. Chet & Matt’s will only hold reservations for the Game Room for 20 minutes after the beginning time of your event before it is opened up for other customers.

Decorate the Room How You Want It

Chet and Matt’s Pizza welcomes decorations for your occasion (ex. balloons, tablecloths, etc.); however, we will not allow anything to adhere to the walls, ceilings, or our frames hanging on the wall. For children’s birthday parties, we recommended it being held between Noon and 4 p.m. Chet & Matt’s will provide you with a small table to place the cake and gifts on. Confetti, silly string, piñatas and noisemakers are prohibited.

Food and Beverage Policy

All food and beverages for your party or event must be purchased from Chet & Matt’s Pizza except for the cake and ice cream. Unfortunately, due to health regulations, the cake and ice cream cannot be homemade by Chet & Matt’s Pizza and must be purchased from a store.

Parking and Non-Smoking Policy

Chet and Matt’s Pizza is a family-friendly place, and all locations are non-smoking. Banquet Room event guests are encouraged to park in the back of Chet & Matt’s and may use our private employee entrance located in behind the restaurant.